Alphabete Noire

If you don't try, you can't fail

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swing low and carry me home 

it’s right on time every time as you can see

you left your shadow but you can drop by anytime 

to pick it up just stick me up 

darling this is a robbery

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Was his memory failing or had he so disciplined it in the repression of unpleasant facts that he had damaged his sense of the truth?

John Cheever

"The Swimmer"

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"What a quick, idle thing a life is, in retrospect. How quickly we become history, while wanting always to be news. When you make the mental effort to lift yourself a little off the planet, and you see our particular species gobbling up all the land, so that soon there won’t be any other big animals left, just rats and ants and poisoned mussels, all that earth and oxygen and airspace to give Homo sapiens sapiens room to breed and eat and starve and build and war and watch TV and listen to the radio, you see that the human race is just one immense waste of energy. The lifeless surfaces of Mars and Io must sigh in relief.”

John Updike

Memories of the Ford Administration